Inter-City E-Coach

The UK’s first purely electric coach service

electric bus artwork

The UK’s first purely electric coach service

Dundee City Council has installed a rapid charger in the city centre to support organisations wishing to make the switch to electric vehicles. Transport Scotland provided the funding.

The charging hubs have proved effective, with Ember bus company launching an Edinburgh to Dundee service. Taking just over 90 minutes one way, this is the world’s first all-electric intercity bus route.

The zero-emission service stops at Inchture, Perth, Kinross, and Rosyth and can complete the full 60-mile journey on a single charge of the coach’s batteries. The coach can accommodate up to 45 passengers, while features include free 5G Wi-Fi and USB at-seat chargers.

Further routes are planned to launch over the next year.

The council plans to install additional chargers in this location to fulfil the increasing demand and support other bus companies in transitioning to zero emissions transport.
This charging station will also support the introduction of electric HGVs into the Dundee City Council fleet, as well as the back up for the ultra-rapid charging station at Marchbanks.

The next phase of the project will look at booking the space and the ability to restrict non-booked drivers from using the chargers.