Easy Access Car Club

Scotland's first free floating car club


Easy Access Car Club

Innovation Pilot Partner: Co-Wheels

Co-Wheels is trialling software and hardware solutions in Dundee to facilitate the development of Scotland’s first ‘back to area’ car club.

Geofenced pick-up and drop-off zones are being introduced to the city so that car club users no longer have to rigidly stick to returning vehicles to a designated bay. This could ultimately increase the convenience, flexibility and affordability of car clubs as a viable alternative to private car use. Industry estimates cite that each car club vehicle replaces 13.4 private cars over a 12-month period.

This new operating model requires the development of a new App and back-office platform which will be developed as part of this project and trialled for the first time in Dundee. This includes a new App-based keyless entry system to the car, providing greater convenience and easier access.

This solution will reduce barriers to entry to Co-Wheels car club and enable a greater geographical spread of private, low or zero-emission vehicles, in more areas throughout the city.

Car clubs provide their members with convenient access to cleaner vehicles without the hassle and expense of ownership (such as tax, MOT, fuel, servicing, repairs, depreciation and parking). For members who drive less than 6-8,000 miles per year, a car club could save up to £3,500 a year.