Electric Bike Sharing Scheme

Introducing a new cycle hire scheme in Dundee


Electric Bike Sharing Scheme

Innovation Pilot Partner: Ride On

A large-scale electric bike sharing scheme will be launched in Dundee. An initial 250 electric bikes will be deployed across Dundee, with up to 400 planned as demand grows.

The service will be delivered by Ride On, which operates similar schemes in Madrid and Miami.

Users of the scheme will benefit from Ride On’s proprietary integrated software that connects its e-bikes with its website, smartphone app and recharging stations.

It is hoped that the scheme will play an important role in increasing the uptake of cycling in Dundee from 4% in 2016 to an estimate of 8%.

It will also support modal shift from car commuter trips. The preliminary proposed operating area is 13 square kilometres and includes a resident population of 60,000, a workplace population of 38,000 and 15,000 households without cars. 80% of distances travelled in Dundee are less than 5km.

Alongside the easy access to car club vehicles, the cycle hire scheme will greater increased revenue opportunities for businesses and tourist destinations in Dundee by making the city a more attractive destination for visitors.