EV Bay Pre-booking

Cashless Parking Payment Innovation


EV Bay Pre-booking

Innovation Pilot Partner: Just Park

Parking is a key factor influencing how people use and experience city centre amenities and attractions. Encouraging increased use of digital payment platforms provides an opportunity to offer flexible and targeted benefits to support new parking policies, more efficient enforcement and better respond to different user needs.

Many cities like Dundee are also increasingly committing to ‘go cashless’, using the shift to mobile phone-based payment platforms as an opportunity to reduce the higher costs associated with running cash-based payment infrastructure.

JustPark is trialling a range of innovative new services to help increase the uptake of cashless parking in Dundee and deliver additional benefits to drivers, the council and the wider city. This will be the first time the company has piloted these services.

This includes a pre-booking service for EV users to optimise the use of charging points and provide EV drivers with certainty of charger availability. Dundee City Council will release one rapid charger from the Queen Street hub to the trial project. This will see a selected user group of residents and business users being able to pre-book the identified charger through the Just Park App and having exclusive access to it.

Further development stages of this trial include the full integration of the parking app with the charge point back office for a seamless customer experience along with the ability to start and end the charging session through the parking app.