Smart Parking Sensors

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Smart Parking Sensors

Innovation Pilot Partner: AppyWay

Around 1,000 low energy Bluetooth sensors are being installed across Dundee to improve the management, utilisation and ease of locating parking bays and taxi ranks. Currently, 139 have been put in the ground, with another 800+ going in over the next two months.

A series of high impact use cases evaluated the benefits of this technology in addressing known challenges in Dundee. This included managing enforcement and demand on residential streets, which are recognised hot spots and sources of complaints to DCC’s parking service.

The pilot also targeted time-limited parking bays, which are challenging and inefficient to enforce. Proving that vehicles have overstayed requires multiple return visits over the course of a day, with Civil Enforcement Officers taking notes to record the position of tyre valves to determine whether it has moved within a specified time period.

There were also sensors at EV charging points to help locate available bays and support enforcement efforts against ‘ICE-ing’ – when internal combustion engine vehicles park in EV charging bays.

Data from sensors will be used to optimise enforcement operations. From data collected in other cities, the sensors could lead to a 2 per cent financial uplift from a reduction in payment avoidance.

Urban Foresight’s analysis of smart parking sensor deployments in other cities has also identified opportunities to create significant efficiencies in civil enforcement, as well as savings from phasing out cash payments.

The sensors will also support future planning and policy decisions by providing valuable data on occupancy, overstays and payments.